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Vintage Audio, Telephones and elctronics

Softback edition A4 size
88 pages
Published by Decorative Arts Society
Contents include
  • Omnium Gatherum.
  • The Ionides Family and 1 Holland Park by Charles Harvey and Jon Press
  •  "A most important and necessary thing" an Arts and Crafts collection in Manchester by John Davis
  •  The Collector's or Fine Arts Club 1857-1874. The first society for collectors of the Decorative Arts by Ann Eatwell
  • The Neo-Gothic Church Silver at G E Street's American Church in Paris by David Allan
  • The Anglo-Japanese Buffet by E W Godwin, variations on the developments of a design by Paul Reeves
  • Marc Louis Solon and the Naples Connection by Bernard Bumpus
  •  Conrad Dressler and Medmenham Pottery by Robert Prescott Walker
  •  Percy Oswald Reeves 1870-1967 Metalworker and Enamellist: forgotten master of the Irish Arts and Crafts Movements by Dr Nicola Gordon Bowe
  •  Cosmopolitan Heroine: the Shawl in the 1920s by Valerie Menes.

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