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Vintage Audio, Telephones and elctronics


New - EL84 Valve  These valves are equivilant to 6BQ5, 6P15, CV2975, N709
As stated brand new fron China.
Idea economic replacemnet for original Mullard branded valves.
Suitable for record players, radiograms and amps etc.
Please note we cannot be held responsible for any damage to the new valves due to faulty equipment, eg coupling cap failure etc.
All of the sold valves will be tested before despatch.

Postage within UK will cost - £2.70
CVX474 Sub-miniature wire ended valve.
Unknown application. Unable to find any identifing information on this valve. Appears to be new still wrapped in MOD packaging.  Price is £4.99 each. We have a number of these valves.

Postage within UK will be £3.00

Mullard EL83 Valve Nos - Video output 405 era

Mullard EL83 Valve Nos - Video output 405 era. Similar to EL84 in some respects although pin out is slightly different. May be suitable for audio experiments or original application. These are new old stock in original boxes. The opened one appeared to be factory fresh. By the procing would indicate that these are at least pre 1970.

Please note this is for one valve.

Cost £5.50 including free UK postage.